Penguin Tiles is a puzzle that aims to combine gaming and education. The sliding puzzle is a great way to improve cognitive skills, critical thinking, creativity and eidetic memory while stimulating imagination. Penguin Tiles is a compelling game for all age groups, sending a strong message about climate change and its effects on the animal world.

Penguin Tiles Game Image Antarctica

Penguin Tiles is a story-driven sliding puzzle game, placed in an amazing graphic universe. By each puzzle you complete you are one step closer to reveal the mystery of the journey.

Penguin Tiles Game Image Australia

In Penguin Tiles, you will accompany our 2 heroes on a journey across the world, which begins in a cave in Antarctica, with the accidental discovery of some strange items.

Penguin Tiles Image Indonezia

Along the way, you will also encounter endangered animal species that will help our heroes overcome obstacles along their amazing adventure.